Tips in Writing Character’s Motivation Effectively in a Book


As a writer, understanding that character motivation is more than just a storytelling expression where a lot of workers are familiar of is necessary to build up the character of your story. Once you have made it happen, it reveals characterization, define character roles, create tension, and encourage character development. Try to know more about various kinds of motivation and how to define your character’s motivation after reading this. Do click here to get started.

One thing that is suggested when building up the motivation of your character is by following Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which include the basic, psychological, and self-fulfillment needs. For basic needs, you can whether you will create a character with physiological or safety needs. Also, esteem needs, and belonging and love needs could be based from psychological needs. For self-fulfillment, you can consider self-actualization and that is to achieve one’s full potential by doing creative activities. You can also choose whether you’ll opt for physical and internal motivation wherein choosing the former could result to preying on material needs while the latter will enable your character to have personal fulfillment, fear or peer-pressure, guilt or insecurity, and curiosity.

In defining your characters, it is important to show the reason why your character isn’t contented with the kind of life that he or she is living. Also, you must be able to present a reason why he or she have reach into this and the reason why until now, your character isn’t doing anything to overcome his or her current situation. After that, you’ll be able to turn into pushing the character to act. From there, readers will be able to define who your characters are and the evolution of your characters throughout the story. They can make a comparison between the characters and they will then figure out similarities between the characters. You can click here to learn more.

Finally, character motivation will definitely help you a lot in creating an amazing story. You will then take a look at the suggestions above in this homepage and then click here to get started so go here and check it out! Aside from the fact that you will be learning more points, you can also discuss your ideas with other writers about developing an excellent character motivation so go here and learn these. In this situation, the readers will like your story since he or she can relate to it. The readers will feel that they are reading their own story and can’t help purchasing your books. Learn more about character arcs in this article: